Instrument Repair

In principle any damage to a violin can be repaired and as a violinmaker I can handle any repairs.

Where low cost instruments are concerned simply buying a new instrument may be the most viable option.

Routine problems that I deal with relate to soundpost, bridge, tuning pegs and worn fingerboard. Splits, cracks and breaks can all be repaired but may take longer. Whilst I can give some guidance as to the cost of a repair over the telephone, for a firm quotation I must see the instrument.

Since all work is done here at Brookers Corner I can respond quickly to emergencies. In desperate straits (e.g. cello smashed on plane, series of concerts this week) I can loan you an instrument.

Bow Repair

Re-hairing of bows and routine problems of worn screw threads, damaged lappings and broken bow head facings are all within my capabilities, in some cases while you wait. 


I keep a full range of student bows from 1/16 to full size, and a stock of selected Pernambuco bows. Prices range from £20-£200.



All sizes for violin and cello in stock and fitted while you wait if you wish.

Metal cored strings – Astrea, Prelude and Jargar brands stocked.
Nylon cored strings – Dominant and Pirastro brands stocked.

For players who use other brands from the vast range available I can order whatever is needed and it will be available within 1 week (usually less).


Travelite, Hiscox “Liteflite”

Shoulder Rests

Kun, Viva




For more information please contact us