Beginner & Student Outfits

A stock of all size violin outfits (violin, bow & case) from 1/16th width to full size is available.

The “Primavera 200” outfits are offered both new, and second hand, properly set up and complete with bow and soft case. I can upgrade them by fitting Prelude or Dominant strings at additional cost if you prefer.

These are good quality violins, at modest cost, and typically well regarded by teachers. They have ebony fittings which makes the servicing easier and gives a longer life than cheaper outfits with painted, white-wood fittings. When students (or parents!) accidentally break strings or bridges I can quickly provide replacements at modest cost.


When buying new outfits it is important to realise that they are not in playable condition when dispatched from China. They need to have the soundpost and bridge properly set up and the string heights correctly adjusted.

This ensures the violin plays properly and is easier for the player. It is a false economy to send the pupil to lessons with an instrument that does not work properly.

I can offer part-exchange on instruments purchased from me as young players progress up the sizes, and I will also buy-back an instrument that is in good order if a beginner gives up very quickly.