Restored & Re-worked Instruments

I always have a selection of old factory-made violins, and occasionally violas and cellos, that I have carefully restored and re-worked so that they play to the standard of a hand-made violin from an individual luthier.

I look for better quality French and German factory-produced instruments from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, made to a Strad-pattern, that are nicely finished and essentially undamaged. These are well-crafted instruments made of good quality materials, but typically don’t play well and have a very bright and strident tone. This is because the front and back plates are overly thick and stiff, and have not been sympathetically tuned to resonate in harmony.

In each hides the makings of a very good instrument, and with careful reworking of the plates I can unlock the performance of a first class violin.

I carefully remove the plates from the ribs and re-thickness the front and back, reducing weight and stiffness until they closely match those of a genuine Stradivarius.

Just as with my own hand-made instruments, I then meticulously tune the plates to achieve harmony between front and back, and generate the response and resonance that makes playing an instrument a joy.

Once finished they are of a playing and sound quality to take the student to at least grade 8 and perhaps beyond.

The prices of these violins range from £750 – £2,000 and represent excellent value.

I offer these instruments with an upgrade ticket – if you come back to me to upgrade to a higher value instrument I will buy-back at a fair price, dependent on condition of the instrument.